UNBC Textbook Requisitions

Materials for all courses on all campuses are requested by instructors using the Text Requisition Form which is a downloadable WORD document.  It can be submitted by email, dropped off to the Book Buyer in person, sent by interoffice mail or faxed.


1.  Due dates for submitting books:

January term   October 14
Spring/Summer term   March 1
Spring Intersession term   March 1
Summer Intersession   May 1
September term   May 13

2.  One form is completed for each class for each semester.

3.  If there will not be a book used for the course the box is checked NO TEXT REQUIRED.

4.  Lab manuals and class notes are submitted to the Book Buyer.

5.  The Bookstore provides students with a variety of options. New and used printed copies as well as e-version are offered wherever possible. If any option will not work for a class it should be indicated on the form.

6.  Before the book list is released to students each semester (online and in store) an electronic copy is sent to departments for review. Please ensure the listing for each class is accurate.

7.  Desk copies are obtained by the department or the instructor from the publisher.

8.  Course packages containing copyright material must be cleared through the Copyright Office. Please contact Patrice Hall at patrice.hall@unbc.ca.


If you have any questions, please contact Book Buyer, Cyndie Yule direct at 250 960 6422 or Cyndie.Yule@unbc.ca