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The key to success in reducing costs for our students is a strong partnership between the Bookstore and our Faculty. With this common goal, we can reach it – but we need your help. Faculty plays a larger role than you might recognize in ensuring students are able to obtain the textbooks and materials they need at reasonable prices. The UNBC Bookstore relies on instructors and faculty to submit textbook lists for your courses in a timely fashion each semester. Timely lists allow us to source the correct textbooks and obtain an appropriate supply of used textbooks.

    Why partner with us?
  • Of all the people affected by textbook prices, students have the least control.
  • Campus Bookstores may be perceived as the cause of high textbook prices but we are part of the solution to offering the lowest possible pricing.
  • Faculty members are in the best position to affect the prices of textbooks.

Adoption FAQ

How can the Bookstore and Faculty work together to lower the price of course material?

  • Adopt textbooks and communicate with the Bookstore as early as possible.
  • Provide an adoption for every course, even if the adoption is ‘No Text Required’.
  • Adopt textbooks for multiple semesters. This allows us to buy back students’ textbooks at 50% of the new retail, ensuring more used copies on our shelves.
  • Consider adopting a standard textbook for all sections of the same course. This would allow the Bookstore to buy back more used copies resulting in few ‘stock outs’ and lower prices for the students.
  • When you adopt textbook bundles, make sure the publisher is also willing to sell the pieces separately. Breaking a bundle can allow students to purchase lower cost used texts and receive higher prices when the sell back their textbooks. Let the Bookstore know if packaged online material is Required for your course. If it isn’t, we can buy back the textbook by itself.
  • Consider building a custom publication that incorporates only relevant material at a lower cost for our students.
  • Check with the Bookstore to see if a Rental option is available. Rental textbooks allow students to save on the upfront cost of their required course material.
We are a support facility for your curriculum needs and would like to assist. Thank you for your help in lowering the cost of course material for our student!

When are text orders due?

Check out our Textbook Timelines below.

Last year you ran out of books for my class because of a wait list. How should I let you know if I anticipate letting in the wait list?

If you anticipate a wait list in your class and decide to let in additional students, please let us know immediately so extra books can be ordered.

What if I don't know the class size or other information?

The Book Buyer has access to enrollment information. Contact the Book Buyer for assistance with any other information. The information you provide will be utilized for our used book SellBack program, shelf tags and website.

What if I change my mind about the book(s) order after it has been placed?

If any information about your adoption changes (title cancellation, course cancellation, sections added, instructor change, etc.) after it has been submitted, please contact the Bookstore immediately. Please note that any changes in adoptions after the order has shipped may result in additional costs, such as freight and return charges, being charged to the Department.

Will you let me know edition changes, out of stocks, etc.?

We will be sure to notify you of any changes in edition, if there is no stock at the publisher or there is a chance the books are delayed in arriving.

How do I order a desk copy?

Faculty will need to obtain their desk copy directly from the publisher. If you need that contact information, check with your Faculty Administrative Assistant.

What about course packs from the Copy Centre?

A Course pack can be a lab manual, readings package, course notes, case studies, etc. If you use a Coursepack and have requested it on course again, the Bookstore will not automatically re-order. To ensure the manual is produced, contact the Book Buyer. See Coursepacks/Custom Courseware.

If you require any assistance or have any questions please contact:
Emily Der, Book Buyer - emily.der@unbc.ca  or 250-960-6422.

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Textbook Timelines

The lead time for obtaining textbooks can range from two weeks to several months depending on the location of the supplier, availability of the title and the time of the year the order is placed. To facilitate and assure availability of textbooks, deadlines for submitting adoptions are:

Winter Semester – 2nd week of October
Spring Semester – March 1
Summer Semester – May 1
Fall Semester – 2nd week of May

The more in advance an adoption is received, the greater the possibility of books being on our shelves by the start of classes. Many students will want to sell back their texts after their course(s). In order for the Bookstore to give students 50% for their used book(s) we need to have the adoption in place for the following term. To maximize our ability to do so, it is important that you submit your adoption by the due dates listed above.

A delayed textbook adoption can result in inventory shortages, students unable to obtain required texts and a complete lack of used textbooks.

Changes/Late Information:

If any information about your adoption changes (title cancellation, sections added, instructor change, etc.) after it has been submitted, please contact us immediately. Any changes to orders after it has shipped may result in additional costs, such as freight and return charges.

The Bookstore will place all orders directly with the publishers, where price and availability will be determined. Should there be a stock issue, delivery delay, or an edition/format change from the last time the book was on course, we will notify you.


Textbook Adoptions can be submitted by e-mail to the Book Buyer. No form is required, but the more information you can supply, the easier it is to source the correct book and the correct quantity. If you prefer, the Textbook Requisition form can be downloaded here.

Placing your order(s) early will ensure students will have a greater opportunity to resell their textbooks through our Sellback Program, and permitting us to source out more used books from our wholesalers. Any order or changes placed after the adoption deadline for the semester may result in additional freight charges.

Textbook Status:

One of the most important pieces of information Faculty can provide is the Required/Recommended/Optional status for each title.

  • Required - The title is essential for success in the course. Students will be responsible for assigned readings from the text. The material will be discussed regularly in class and will be covered in exams and quizzes.
  • Recommended - Instructor conveys to the students that the title is considered an important resource for the field, discipline or course topic, and therefore, may be of interest to students. Either no portion or a small portion of the text is covered in the course or utilized for exam material. It is not necessary to obtain the text for success in the course.
  • Optional - Instructor conveys to students that the title is available for additional reading and for reference value. Optional textbooks will enhance the information found in other course materials but will not contain any required readings for the course.
The above is a guideline only. If you have any suggestions please contact us and we can discuss the title concerned. If the book is a recommended or an optional title, it would be helpful to receive a suggested order quantity.

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Coursepacks/Custom Courseware

Coursepacks: A Definition

Coursepacks are collections of material from a variety of sources, compiled into a package format, and sold through the UNBC Bookstore. Many instructors use these packages to customize material for their courses. Coursepacks are often less expensive than a textbook, depending on the size of the package and copyright fees.

Lab manuals, lab notes, course handouts, readings packages and case studies are examples of coursepacks.

Custom Publication: A Definition

Custom publications are created by the instructor in conjunction with the publisher. Please contact your publisher’s sales representative for more information.

Copyright Guidelines (for material to be resold through the UNBC Bookstore)

All material not written by the instructor must have copyright clearance. The Bookstore may be required to pay a copyright fee for use of this material and there are strict guidelines as to how much material can be copied for resale.

Need Copyright Clearance? The library’s copyright office can now review your reading lists, custom course packs, handouts, posts to Blackboard, and other use of 3rd party copyright materials, arranging permissions, licenses and clearance as required by copyright law. Details at https://library.unbc.ca/services/copyright.

How to Create a Master Copy

Important: The quality of the copy you submit will affect the quality of the package that your students will read:

  • Photocopy pages so that they are readable. Faded or distorted originals will reproduce poorly.
  • Copy on 8.5 x 11” white paper only.
  • Eliminate black edges by cutting it off and taping clean document on an 8.5 x 11” sheet of white paper.
  • Separate distinct sections with a piece of coloured paper.

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UNBC Authors

The UNBC Bookstore maintains a collection of books written by faculty and staff. Please let us know about your latest book so we can consider it for the collection.

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Special Orders

If you need a book for reference, professional development, research, etc., please send your request to the Book Buyer.

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Custom Orders

The UNBC Bookstore is your official store for all merchandise featuring the UNBC logo. Over the past several years the UNBC Bookstore has developed strong relationships with various suppliers to ensure that the best quality products at the lowest possible prices are available.

We can help you with customized clothing options, promoting your next event or conference, or create faculty awareness with custom stationery.

The UNBC Bookstore can help you with all your custom promotional product needs. For more information contact 250-960-6436 or bookstore@unbc.ca.

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