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Sellback Info

The UNBC Bookstore carries used books purchased through our Sellback program as part of our efforts to offer students affordable options whenever possible and to support environmental sustainability. The bookstore’s sellback program runs all year.

How does Sellback work?

Bring your books to the Sellback window, when it is open, or to our front counter and we will happily look up the price for you. You will need your Student ID and a credit/debit card.

What books can I Sellback?

There are two possible Sellback situations:

  1. Current edition texts required by the UNBC Bookstore for the following semester based on Faculty Textbook Orders and current inventory.
  2. Current edition texts required by other universities in North America for whom the UNBC Bookstore purchases in conjunction with a wholesaler.

How much do I get for my textbooks?

For textbooks bought back for use at UNBC you will receive 50% of the current new retail price. This rate applies regardless of whether you purchased a new or used copy of the textbook. For textbooks bought back by the UNBC Bookstore for the wholesaler you will receive whatever value has been established by them in the North American marketplace.

If we do not have an order from the instructor for the textbook, you have the option of accepting a wholesale price or of holding onto the textbook until a later date, in hopes that we receive an order from the instructor.

When can I sell my books?

The bookstore’s sellback program runs all year. However, the best prices are near the beginning of a semester, especially when the book is being used in the upcoming semester. Or right after your exams have finished.

Demand for a book is finite and decreases with every sale and can expire quickly as other students sell back their books.

Do I need my receipt?

No receipt is necessary to sell your books.

What happens to the textbooks that I sell?

Textbooks for the UNBC Bookstore are processed by our staff and put right out on the shelf. Textbooks purchased wholesale are sent to the wholesaler's warehouse and resold to campus bookstores in Canada and the United States.

What condition do my textbooks need to be in?

Textbooks should be in reasonable condition, meaning that the cover is still attached and all pages intact. Highlighting, notes and markings on the pages are perfectly fine. Workbooks and study guides are generally not purchased back unless they are free of all markings. Textbooks with any water damage or mold will not be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse to purchase damaged books or books that are unlikely to be re-purchased by other students.

Can I sell textbooks that I purchased used?

Yes, as long as the textbook is in reasonable condition.

Why won't you buy back my textbooks?

When we are unable to buy your textbook back, there are a variety of reasons. First, the textbook has not been readopted for the upcoming semester(s) at UNBC. Second, the edition of the textbook has changed, or the textbook is now out of print. Third, there is no demand for the textbook in the North American marketplace. Fourth, participating universities are overstocked on that particular title and/or the wholesaler is overstocked on that title.

Why aren’t there more titles on the list?

Late submissions by instructors, changes in edition, changes in the book being used are some of the reasons.

What if my textbook can’t be bought back?

You can wait until a later date and check the titles again. They will appear at a better price if the textbook is adopted by an instructor at UNBC.

If your textbooks are not eligible to be sold back to the UNBC Bookstore you have the option to place them in the box provided by the Northern Undergraduate Student Society. The UNBC Bookstore is a proud partner with NUGSS in the continued reusing of old textbooks.